Organic cosmetics line 'Terra Etrusca'

Organic cosmetics line 'Terra Etrusca'

The olive  oil, natural emollient of the highest quality, it has been used in cosmetics since the Egyptians, our products contain them according to types, from 8% to 18%. the main elements of this line EcoBioCosmetica, which in addition to extra virgin organic olive, are: virgin beeswax, propolis, honey, pollen integral, horse chestnut extract, vitamin E and aloe vera. They all come from organic farming for which  guarantees that there are no  traces of unwanted chemicals. the vegetable extracts are prepared at the time of production of cosmetic products, so they keep intact all their beneficial properties. they are not used chemical solvents derived from petroleum, such as ethylene glycol, but only mineral water which does not affect the genuineness and vegetable active principles.


Creams OliS Bath Line
Hand Cream 50 ml Body Oil 150 ml Olive oil Soap 100 gr
Face Day Cream 50 ml Toning Massage Oil 150 ml Shampoo 150 ml
Face Night Cream 50 ml Relaxing Massage Oil 150 ml
Body Cream 200 ml Balsamic Massage Oil 150 ml

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