'Sapori di Terra Etrusca' ORGANIC

Extra-virgin Olive Oil 'Sapori di Terra Etrusca' ORGANIC

It's an oil obtained by processing olives harvested from olive trees grown with organic methods. This product embodies all the qualities of a product absolutely genuine. The natural balance of production cycles is in no way affected by artificial factors. The entire production process, from the tree to the bottle, is certified by the supervasory BIOAGRICERT srl. It is an oil slightly fruity with green color with gold reflections, with elegant notes of artichoke and almond. Bitterness and pungency are well balanced. Recommended on dishes of medium structure, to accentuate the flavor. Excellent on soups, fish soups, white meat, boiled vegetables and sauces.

Varieties Canino, Maurino, Leccino and Pendolino Color intense green, with gold reflections
Harvesting early Taste medium fruity with bitter and spicy finish
Pressing cold, within 12 hours of harvest Perfume fresh fruit
Acidity very low acidity and high levels of polyphenols and vitamin E Packaged as Can 3 lt – 5 lt Bottle 250 ml – 500 ml – 750 ml

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