The company: history and philosophy

The Olivicola Canino, a cooperative founded in 1988

The Olivicola Canino is a cooperative founded in 1988, where currently are 130 registered members who cultivate olive groves in the area of ​​Canino (VT), one of the most in the world. For that all members adhere to EEC Regulation which contain rules for taking environmentally friendly growing techniques, with limited use of fertilizers and pesticides. A part of companies follows the method of organic growing.

The members olive growers, before economic purposes, are united by a common passion for olives and olive oil; their main purpose is to consult those savvy consumers with whom they can share this passion and appreciate the excellence of a superior product.

Our cooperative for years aims to produce an extra virgin olive oil of high quality and enhance the uniqueness of its product through a production chain treated in detail.

A cooperative united by a common passion for olives and olive oil

In our production of extra virgin olive oil in addition to the traditional "Sapori di Terra Etrusca" for the more demanding should be mentioned the "Canino DOP" and the production of extra virgin olive oil "BIOLOGICO" and "DOP Canino BIO" limited quantity compared to other oils, produced exclusively from olives certified Organic Agriculture.

Finally it should be mentioned that our cooperative work in this context respecting the environment, history and culture handed down over thousands of years by our people, the aim is to enhance in time an extra virgin olive oil that, although at top quality, in the market still does not occupy the place that pertains to him.