The city of Canino

At the border with Tuscany, on what is called "Lazio Maremma" is located Canino, called the oil city, situated on gentle hills covered with olive trees, in the middle of an area of archaeological interest and natural beauty. The origin of the name, according to tradition, was derived from an alleged Caninia gens, originally from Vulci, and is probably related to the dog, the animal par excellence symbol of loyalty and friendship, rightly inserted the emblem of the city. Canino has a long history that starts from the Etruscans. During the Etruscan hegemony was part of Vulci and only later became a territory in its own right, a safe haven for the people of the area during the raids of the Saracens. The beautiful medieval town was once surrounded by walls until Louis of Bavaria in 1327 did not destroy the town to enter into and upon the inhabitants of rage. In addition Canino was the residence of the Farnese family, and here was born February 28, 1468 Alessandro Farnese later became Pope Paul III.

To see

The Etruscan town of Vulci and its necropolis with more than 10.000 tombs
The Castle of Abbadia with the bridge
The National Etruscan Museum which exhibits more than 500 catalogued pots
Musignano and the Apollinari Baths which were once renowned under the name Cento Camere – a hundred rooms.
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