The extra virgin olive oil: a precious ally for health and beauty

The extra-virgin olive oil of Canino with its taste of fresh fruit is ideal for drizzling cold on vegetables, vegetable and other soups, on bruschetta, and it can also be used for cooking. Its excellent resistance to high temperatures also make it ideal for frying. It is worth reminding ourselves that nutritional science experts everywhere rate olive oil as the key element in the Mediterranean diet, which is considered a shining example of a healthy diet.

The greatest benefits

The infant feeding: early weaning, baby food of the newborn may be supplemented with small amounts of fat in the form of extra virgin olive oil, provides oleic acid, easily digestible and well- used to produce energy essential for development.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease: thanks to the balanced presence of linoleic acid and the right relationship with its derivatives, olive oil helps to eliminate cholesterol, decreasing the sclerotic changes and preventing cardiovascular disease.

Anticarcinogenic effects: the habitual consumption of this oil may help prevent colon cancer and breast cancer.

Anti-aging: the olive oil in addition to being very digestible is rich in vitamin E, polyphenols, phytosterols and carotenoids which exert a protective effect on the body by blocking the activity of free radicals responsible for aging of cells.